And the other person is naturally Ai Zhuoshui. As the head of the Kyubi no Youko cat and demon clan, her importance is self-evident. Therefore, in the savage mountain range, a vigorous and big collection was launched.

However, this pretty beast mountain range is so big, even if you are looking for it, you can’t find Meng Qi and Ai Zhuoshui. Because both Meng Qi and Ai Zhuoshui think that this time the Dragon Valley and the Kyubi no Youko Cat Demon clan will be defeated. They made a special trip to find a secret place, waiting for Azhuo Shuixiu to recover before coming out.
Chapter DiErJiuEr again on the line of fire
Chapter DiErJiuEr again on the line of fire
"We’d better pretend that nothing happened during this time." Ai Zhuo said to Meng Qi coldly.
Although Meng Qi was very strange in his heart, there was no expression on his face, but he just nodded his head. And see Meng Qi YiZhuoShui turned out to be expressionless, I don’t know how, the in the mind a little sour. But in an instant by her behind, she is the head of the nine-tailed cat demon family, and there is no possibility with Meng Qi.
Ai Zhuoshui took a deep breath and put what happened during this time behind him. Then he said, "well, let’s go. I don’t know how heavy the loss was last time."
Ai Zhuoshui took Meng Qi all the way, only to find that something was wrong. Along the way, I didn’t find any pretty orcs. Instead, I met a few Longgu disciples and Kyubi no Youko cat and demon people. At first, they thought it was two disciples scattered in the savage mountain range, but they didn’t care at first.
But gradually, the two found something was wrong. I met disciples of two ethnic groups along the way, and those disciples seemed to be looking for someone. The two men glances, and finally show their figure after meeting another disciple of Longgu.
As soon as the disciple of Longgu saw Meng Qi, he said happily, "Senior Meng, I finally found you." This disciple of Longgu is just beginning to understand, and it is normal to call Meng Qiyi a senior now.
Meng Qi asked, "What, are you looking for me?"
The disciple of Longgu nodded and said, "Yes, we have captured the Barbarian Mountains. However, the whereabouts of you and Chief Ai are unknown, so we and the Kyubi no Youko cat demon family have been looking for your whereabouts. "
Meng Qi and YiZhuoShui glances, two people’s eyes are full of don’t believe it. Isn’t the green flag family involved? How can we win? Thinking of this, Meng Qi quickly asked the disciple of Longgu.
The disciple of Longgu was quite proud and said, "There was collusion between the Qinglan tribe and the Barbarian tribe, thinking that we didn’t know. As a result, we had already learned the news and laid a trap for them to come."
Meng Qi and Ai Zhuoshui didn’t expect this, especially Ai Zhuoshui. At this time, their faces were already livid. Since Longgu had already learned the news, why didn’t he tell himself?
Meng Qi nature also found the issue here, but at that time I didn’t know what to say. The disciple in Longgu seemed to find something was wrong, so he continued: "However, because the timing of the emergence of the Qinglan clan exceeded the expectations of the elders, it turned out to be a few days in advance, which disrupted our deployment, so we failed to deliver the news at the first time. Later, I learned that you two were missing, and both ethnic groups sent a large number of people to find them. "
Meng Qi was relieved when the disciple of Longgu finished this sentence. Quietly looked at Ai Zhuoshui, and sure enough, her face was much better. In fact, Meng Qimingbai, what disciple Longgu said is just the above excuse.
Meng Qi has long known that, in fact, for the development of Kyubi no Youko’s cat and demon clan, Longgu is also quite fearful. So with such an opportunity to weaken the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan, nature will not let go. Meng Qi expected that even if the Qinglan clan appeared on time, Longgu would not pass on the news.
Pass the message to yourself at the last minute at most, so that you can be prepared and save your life. Of course, this is only Meng Qi’s guess, and he is more confident in his position in Longgu. I don’t think Longgu will even be reluctant to disclose this news to himself at the end.
Meng Qi believes that Ai Zhuoshui actually understands this matter, but in this way, there is still a fig leaf for the Dragon Valley and Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan. So it should still not fall out.
Of course, Meng Qi didn’t think that the nine-tailed cat demon family suffered heavy losses after this war. Even if the two sides fell out, Ai Zhuoshui did not dare to make any changes.
"Well, where are our two families now?" Meng Qi was very happy when he learned the news of his own victory. He thought he would have to go through some escape, but now he naturally doesn’t have to.
The disciple of the Dragon Valley said, "Now both ethnic groups are resting on Cangman Mountain, the center of the Barbarian Mountain."
Meng Qi nodded and said, "Then let’s go to Cangman Mountain now. Take the road." In fact, Meng Qi knew the direction of Cangman Mountain, but this disciple told them the news. If he was left here, it would be bad. Meng Qi simply let him lead the way to avoid some embarrassment.
Along the way, although Ai Zhuoshui’s face is better, it is definitely not good. Therefore, Meng Qi has been talking about some things with the disciple of Longgu at will.
But a few hours, three people is to pale pretty mountain. Such a core place, this disciple is naturally not allowed to enter. Meng Qi put him down in the periphery, and then entered the Cangman Mountain with Ai Zhuoshui.
After seeing Long Yao and Xiao Long, Meng Qiming found that there was a smile on their faces. But they just smiled at themselves and greeted Ai Zhuoshui behind Meng Qi. After all, she is the head of the nine-tailed cat demon family, which is much more important than Meng Qi.
On the other hand, Meng Qi is one of our own, while Ai Zhuoshui is an outsider. So it is natural and normal for Meng Qi to wait a little.
After a pretentious greeting with Ai Zhuoshui, he let Ai Zhuoshui return to his family. At this time, two people have time to talk with Meng Qi.
"Have you been with Azhuo Water all this time?" Long Yao asked with a smile, and he was very happy about Meng Qi’s safe return.
Meng Qi nodded and said, "I was surprised to learn that the Qinglan clan was in collusion with the barbarian clan and wanted to report it. As a result, I met the seriously injured Ai clan leader halfway, and I delayed my time in order to save her. Originally, I thought we would be defeated this time, but I didn’t expect that we had already learned the news. "
Long Yao and Xiao Long glances, both eyes have some strange meaning, but still by Long Yao asked: "this time we didn’t pass the message to you, Meng Qi will you feel uncomfortable? Say it, and we won’t blame you. "
Meng Qi was stupefied and said, "It’s not that the news didn’t arrive in time because of the early action of the Qing nationality. Meng Qi knows that a major event like this must be kept secret. For the sake of Longgu, what is this suffering worth? " Of course, this is not Meng Qi’s mind, but what else can he say at this time?
They nodded, and Xiao Long said, "All right, Meng Qi, go down and have a rest first. You don’t have to worry about the next battle, have a good rest for a while. "
Meng Qi also nodded and said, "Then Meng Qi went down first." Say that finish Meng Qi is left the tent. But the dialogue between Long Yao and Xiao Long did not end.
"You said that what Meng Qi said was somewhat true and somewhat false?" Xiao Long asked with a smile.
Long Yao shook his head and said, "It’s impossible to say it’s very true. This boy is more or less angry. However, in my opinion, there are still eight points. "
Long Xiao nodded and said, "Eight points is enough."
After returning to his own camp, Meng Qi finally breathed a sigh of relief: "You can rest for a while again." Meng Qi said to himself in bed, but somehow, a figure suddenly appeared in my mind. It was Ai Zhuoshui. Meng Qi was just an ordinary person on that lingering day for a month. How could he forget it at once?
However, he also knows that the relationship between himself and Azhuo Water will stop here. First of all, their identities are too different, and their accomplishments are too different. The relationship between Longgu and the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan is too complicated, and Meng Qi’s family still has Hu Xianer and Cheng Ruowei who has not yet been found.
Meng enabling force shook his head and removed the figure from his mind. Just when Meng Qi wanted to have a good rest, someone shouted outside the camp: "Brother Meng Qi, Elder Long wants you to go there again!"
Meng Qi one leng, not just let yourself have a good rest? Why do you call yourself in the past again? It can’t be anything. Thought of here, Meng Qi’s mood was a little uncomfortable, but no way, I still have to go, right? Meng Qi dawdled for a while and went back to the tent.
When Xiao Long saw Meng Qi, he said, "I was going to let you have a good rest for a while, but there have been new changes in the battle between Terran and Demon, and we Demons have to intervene in advance. This time, we have been thinking about it, but only you can do it."
Hearing that there had been a new change in the battle between the righteous and the wicked, Meng Qi lost his mind and quickly asked, "What’s the matter?"
Long Yao said aside: "The magic gate has retreated step by step under the attack of the right path, and it is almost untenable. We are required to send reinforcements as soon as possible. However, the large forces of our demon race have not been assembled yet, so we have to send young people of all ethnic groups to support them in advance to show our sincerity. Xiao Tian is still breaking through the retreat, so I can only send you to Longgu. "
Meng Qi nodded, knowing the importance of major events, and said, "In that case, Meng Qi is duty-bound. I don’t know when to leave? "
"We have sent their own core disciples to the eight clans, and they have reached the pale mountain at this time. I’ll meet you later, and many of them are your acquaintances. " Long Xiao was happy to see Meng Qi’s promise so happy.
Meng Qi nodded and said, "Then I’ll go and meet them now."
Of the people who came from the Eight Families, Meng Qi knew most of them. For example, Tu Ying of Tu nationality, Huo Yan of Huo nationality, Ao Jiao of Dragon Palace, and naturally Hu Xianer of Fox nationality. But there is also an acquaintance of Meng Qi. And when I saw her, Meng Qi rubbed his eyes and thought he was wrong.
However, the figure was plunged into Meng Qi’s arms when Meng Qi didn’t react.
Chapter 293 Master, come and play ~
Chapter 293 Master, come and play ~
Meng Qi looked at it for a long time but still asked in disbelief, "Purple, Zi Xuan?" Meng Qi doesn’t understand. I thought people from the Eight Families were coming. How Zi Xuan this girl appeared, this girl is clearly a Terran. After Meng Qi looked around, he found that there was no one coming. Maybe this girl is?
At this time, Hu Xianer had come up and said, "The master of Miss Xuan is from the wooden clan, and this time Zi Xuan asked me to come. So she is the representative of the wooden family this time. "
Huh? Really? What a coincidence? Looking at his arms like a kitten constantly rubbing against his chest Zi Xuan, Meng Qi at that time turned out to be don’t know what to say.
Zi Xuan hugged Meng Qi for a while before he looked up, but he still didn’t want to leave Meng Qi’s arms. The first sentence when he looked up was: "Master, I miss you so much."
After listening to this sentence, Meng Qi was touched in his heart. Want to come to this girl also want to see yourself. Just when Meng Qi wanted to say something, Zi Xuan said the second sentence: "Master, you are so annoying."
This sentence immediately blocked Meng Qi’s words back. Meng Qi knew that Zi Xuan said that he had not contacted Zi Xuan since this time, and even Zi Xuan took the initiative to contact Meng Qi and rarely talked with her for a long time. Because Meng Qi is really busy, but Zi Xuan said so, Meng Qi still said with some guilt: "Well, the master has been a little busy recently."
"I don’t care, master hates it." Zi Xuan pouted, so cute. Meng Qi suddenly held down Zi Xuan’s little head and said, "Well, don’t be angry, ok?". Is the master going to cook for you? "
"Really? Don’t lie to Zi Xuan. " A listen to Meng Qi to prepare food for yourself, Zi Xuan suddenly laughed. While Meng Qizheng was about to say something, he found that all the people around him looked strange. Meng Qi just came to my mind, and it was in public.
However, Meng Qi was so cheeky that he gently withdrew Zi Xuan from his arms, and then pretended as if nothing had happened and said with a smile, "Well, I haven’t seen this disciple for a long time, and at that time I actually ignored you. Meng Qi is really damn, damn it, haha. "
They smiled, and fire Yan, who had a good relationship with Meng Qi, stepped forward and said, "Meng Xiong, your disciple’s cultivation is really not low. Moreover, how is it still a Terran? "
For this matter, in fact, all the people are confused. Zi Xuan is called Master Meng Qi, and just now Hu Xianer said that Zi Xuan’s master is a wooden person. To tell the truth, everyone is a little confused.
Meng Qi smiled and said, "In fact, I used to wander in the Terran society for a period of time, and this girl was the one I met in the Terran society. But later, she had the opportunity to worship a wooden elder as a teacher. The two said they were mentoring, but they were actually grandsons. But this girl was so stubborn that she had to call me master, so I followed her. Let everyone laugh. "
"There is such a thing, Meng Xiong is really a good blessing, have a beautiful wife. There is also a lovely disciple who is really jealous of others. " Fire Yan patted Meng Qi on the shoulder, revealing a meaningful smile.
Meng Qi knew this guy didn’t want to be good when he saw the lewd expression of Fire Yan, and was about to explain it. As a result, a local warbler came along and suddenly grabbed the ear of Fire Yan and said, "Why, are you still envious?"
Fire Yan immediately smiled at her and said, "Where, where, I wish I had Yingying." Meng Qi didn’t expect that the fire Yan turned out to be a henpecked person, and at that time he didn’t hold back "sloped" and laughed.
And fire Yan managed to escape from the clutches of the warbler, embarrassed and said, "Ahem, I’m not afraid of her. You know, we men always have to give way to them. "