"What are you guys talking about? Don’t sneak around! "

A group of people looked at each other. Who was sneaking around?
"I heard you talking about my friends. If you have anything to say, you might as well say it directly. Don’t speak ill of others behind their backs!"
A group of people are dumbfounded. When did Ibrahim become your friend? Have you forgotten what people answered you at the beginning?
However, someone was too lazy to pester him and said directly, "Oh, we are talking about that Swede Ibrahimovic, who went back to the first team today. It is said that he voluntarily admitted his mistake and was often recalled to the first team."
Then he took the others away and ignored the stunned zahovic.
Zahovic in situ ears still echoed the other words.
"It is said that he took the initiative to admit his mistake and was often recalled to the first team …"
Take the initiative to admit your mistake?
Take the initiative to admit your mistake? !
Mother Ibrahimovic forced you to be a traitor! ! !
If you don’t want to hug that China’s thigh, there will be a good game!
You are 100%! Definitely! Sure! He will definitely kick you! ! !
When training in the first team, Ibrahimovic can’t hear zahovic’s heart, like a hundred thousand grass mud horses rushing past and roaring.
Although I have to endure the strange eyes of other players to return to the first team, I feel good overall.
Because he feels that he has returned to the core position.
He believes that if he works hard and keeps a low profile in training, he will definitely win back the favor of the winning team.
Anyway, he’s seen the winning method, and now it’s hard for him to threaten winning.
He still remembers the games he saw sitting on the bench.
Villa’s successive goals in the game really put him under great pressure.
Now villa is two goals short of himself in the league top scorer list, but he has surpassed himself with one goal in the top scorer list.
Especially in the UEFA Cup, Villa scored four goals in Europe and had one of them.
The UEFA Cup is a good way to make a name for itself in Europe, but now Villa has taken the lead. How can Ibrahimovic not worry?
Only then did he find out that somebody else’s head coach really didn’t want to pay for himself. Villa kept scoring goals, and Kalou, a high-paid imbecile, can now get a starting position … What kind of world is this?
So I can lower my posture and seriously train for the competition, and I don’t want anything else …
Changsheng doesn’t know what Ibrahimovic thinks, and even if he does, he probably just smiles.
In fact, he just wants to create such a competitive atmosphere.
No one has an absolute main force and a substitute, so they have to train and play hard.
If anyone doesn’t behave well, take it resolutely.
Only in this way can the team form a benign competition cycle.
The strength of the team can also be high.
Aimar sighed after knowing that Ibrahimovic had returned to the first team.
People are forgiven. Why were you so quick-talking in the first place?
I’m fine now. I have to stay in team B for two weeks …
Valencia away game against Osasuna in the weekend league.
This opponent is of special significance to Chang Sheng.
I really coached the first team and played against Osasuna.
At that time, I was an out-and-out diaosi famous pawn whose roots nobody knew.
Like herself, Hertha was a team about to be relegated, and no one was optimistic.
What about Osasuna? At that time, the league was the first promotion favourite.
It’s a world of difference
No one thinks highly of him, the inexperienced young coach of China, who can lead Hertha to defeat Osasuna, just as no one can believe that he can lead Hertha to avoid relegation successfully.
But before the game, he shouted "I came here to win"
Almost became a joke.
But after the game, everyone couldn’t laugh, because it was impossible to complete the victory.
Later, that game became a turning point for winning and Osasuna.
Changsheng led the team to stay in the second division with great enthusiasm by virtue of this victory, which also laid the foundation for the grassroots miracle in the second season
And Osasuna lost this game and flew to the League Championship, although she was promoted to the First Division.
However, the difference between the championship status upgrade and the ordinary team status upgrade will directly affect the team’s mood.
Now Changsheng and Osasuna meet again and are away.
Chang Sheng said at the press conference before the game, "If I say that I am here to pursue victory in this game, I am afraid that no one will laugh at me now?"
Last season, Osasuna was relegated by only one point more than the relegated team.
Valencia is fifth in the league at worst.
The strength of the two teams is not at the same level.
Now it’s even worse.
So this time, when he said this, he didn’t laugh or look incredible.
Even the local journalists in Osasuna can’t get angry.
What’s wrong with them saying that because they are better than them?
not have
But if they are always winning, facing such arrogant opponents in their position, they will definitely die with ya.
Just like when he was head coach of Hertha against Osasuna.
Is the enemy’s strength a reason to give up? Can the strong enemy tolerate the arrogance and disdain of the other side?
Changsheng can’t stand it. He succeeded.
And osasuna can stand …