Until one day, it was as rainy as the day before, but it was bigger than the day before. On that day, heavy rain and thunder shook the window frames of eucalyptus trees, and she was so scared that she didn’t sleep well all night.

Woke up the next day, she hung on the eaves and the wind chimes broke.
It was left to her by her mother before her death.
Yu Sui Eucalyptus cried for a long time with the broken wind chimes, vaguely remembering that her eyes were red and swollen for three whole days after the cry.
No one can persuade her father, not even.
They took out the latest and best wind chimes and held them in their hands for all kinds of delicious fun, trying to take her eyes off the pile of wind chimes, but the eucalyptus was staring at the pile of broken wind chimes.
She wants her own wind chimes.
Later, it was Ling Wan ‘er who persuaded her. She went to the front of people and blushed, like getting up the courage to stretch out one hand from behind and holding a small wind chime.
"Sister doesn’t cry. Wan’er gives her wind chimes to her sister."
Adults around her don’t take her seriously. They hold wind chimes in their hands, which are the latest and best. Wind chimes are 1000 times and 10000 times better than Ling Waner.
But danger eucalyptus partial took ling wan son hand wind chimes took her hand.
From that day on, this wind chime was hung by her in her own eaves and later in Huayang Palace, and Ling Waner was also admitted by her as her own sister.
After all, she betrayed her and plunged the whole government into perdition, which really made her chilling.
When she was born again, she hated her performance after her rebirth, which also proved that her idea was right. But that day in the secret room, she said she was going back to slay Gu Chengyun, the beast.
But if you think about it carefully, Gu Chengyun will stay in the chamber of secrets and try his best to enter the chamber of secrets. It’s just unnecessary to kill him. There is a raging flame burning outside the temple, and one careless person may lose his life.
Eucalyptus in danger lost in thought.
She is trying to save herself.
On that day, if she hadn’t opened the door of the chamber of secrets and come in, she wouldn’t have been able to open the stone gate alone. Even if she hadn’t eaten Gu Chengyun’s poison, she would have choked to death in the chamber of secrets.
Danger-year-old eucalyptus fidgety closed her eyes and shook her ears, which seemed to remind me of the’ sister’ at the end of the chamber of secrets.
It doesn’t matter whether she killed her in her previous life or saved her in this life, whether she wanted to or not, it has been buried deep underground with her at this time.
What matters is not what the dead think, but the living.
It is a thing of the past that Eucalyptus in danger wants to get dizzy, but this generation of parents are still alive and the government has escaped the tragedy of being killed. Although she has suffered some twists and turns in her help, it is still safe
Thousands of thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, and sighs.
It’s just that everything is a thing of the past, and now it’s only a wave that makes Ling Waner feel sad. After all, things are different from this generation, and she can’t say forgiveness for those who died suddenly.
Being able to keep it in my heart becomes less mind.
"Old Eucalyptus"
Danger years old eucalyptus thoughts were interrupted by a person, she looked back is Gu Huaijing.
Gu Huaijing looked at her and turned to look at him. He scratched the tip of his nose and then went to sit next to Yu Nian Eucalyptus.
Yu sui eucalyptus picked up the stone table tea lamp and sent it to the import with a slight sneer. "Look who this is?"
She looked at the person to make sure that he was alive and kicking, and saw that it was no big deal. He should have recovered well and then turned his head away from him.
"It turned out to be our 13th Hall. It’s really a sight for sore eyes. Come and make tea for 13th Hall."
Chunzhi made tea for Gu Huaijing before laughing. She knew that this was her own young lady and she was angry with the 13th Hall. He didn’t come to see him or her after she woke up for so many days.
In a word, Gu Huaijing was on pins and needles and just got up and explained in a hurry.
"No, I didn’t mean not to come to see you. I have a reason. I …"
"Is there any reason why you think I was caught by Gu Chengyun because of myself? Or do you think I shouldn’t save you? "
Danger eucalyptus said this with angry tone, some looked at it with a bad attitude, but it was called rampage. Gu Huaijing didn’t have a sudden silence. He wanted to be exposed to the sun all day, and his head was drooping and he didn’t dare to look straight at the fierce sun.
Danger years old eucalyptus didn’t expect Gu Huaijing to do this posture. At that time, she got up and turned her back on Gu Huaijing. "Do you really think so? Good good "
Danger years old eucalyptus said three good anger straight at the brain in a row.
Gu Huaijing saw the danger-year-old eucalyptus, which really got angry and quickly got up and stopped to hold her sleeve, then turned to call aside and looked at the cold eyes and spring branches.
Chunzhi should retreat at this time, and the pavilion will be more than the two of them.
Gu Huaijing took Yu Nian Eucalyptus and pushed the man back to the stone bench and sat down. He explained with a little frustration, "I didn’t mean that. You saved me at that time and I always remembered it, but I …"
He sighed, bypassed Yu-year-old eucalyptus, walked beside her, sat with his fingers on the stone table and knocked again. Finally, he gulped down the tea in front of him and wiped his mouth with his hand.
"It’s that I don’t know people clearly and mistook Gu Chengyun for that fellow fox. It should be me at the last moment, but …" He paused here as if he couldn’t speak for a moment before continuing
"But in the end, you died. You suffered all this for me. Gu Chengyun treated you with inhuman thoughts. You were alone in the palace wall and almost pulled by him to be buried!"
Gu Huaijing’s eyes were red. "You were in a coma for a few days, and I couldn’t sleep every night. I hate that I can’t treat you to suffer those crimes. Fortunately, you woke up. If you don’t wake up … I …"
Yu Sui eucalyptus asked, "Are you like this?"
Gu Huaijing was choked by this question. He bowed his head and put aside his face. "I don’t know what to do."
Danger at the age of eucalyptus delicate eyebrow slightly twist said "what should I do? I tell you what to do. "
Gu Huaijing looked up at Yu Sui Eucalyptus and saw that she had "Don’t do anything and live well" every word.
Gu Huaijing zheng and then continue to come from the front.