After the start of the game, Lazio was firmly empty of football from the beginning, but was in no hurry to attack.
They are slowly dealing with Arsenal.
The football played by these two teams is the best football in Europe today, and their football styles are even somewhat similar.
Originally, everyone was looking forward to a wonderful battle.
But Chang Sheng wouldn’t let them.
He is well aware of the power of Arsenal. They eliminated AC Milan in the eighth final.
Changsheng would rather sacrifice the appreciation and make sure that the results satisfy them.
So in fact, there are essential differences between him and Wenger.
Wenger would rather not win the championship than stick to his own style and style.
Constant victory can’t be done.
In some ways, Wenger is a martyr, while Chang Sheng is a speculator.
Lazio controlled the pace of the game very slowly.
Most of the time it’s just passing the ball back and forth. Pass it on to the frontcourt, then see that the momentum is wrong, and then pass it back.
Lazio in this game is not the same as Lazio in these two seasons. In these two seasons, although Lazio’s football also emphasizes ball control, it emphasizes the change of speed and rhythm.
Lazio, on the other hand, only emphasized the possession of the ball in this game, but it was quite like the Valencia team before …
When it is impossible to break through the opponent’s door with attack, drag the opponent to death with pure ball control.
In this regard, Arsenal are quite familiar with it, because they have played against the ever-victorious Valencia once before.
That was in the 2002-2003 season.
At that time, Arsenal was still a first-class team, and they won the Premier League championship in the following season with unbeaten results.
But even such a team could do nothing in the face of Valencia, which was always winning at that time. At their own home, Arsenal and Valencia drew 0-0 and went to Valencia’s home. They lost 1-2. Therefore, it did not qualify from the second round group stage.
Arsenal fell into this rhythm, as if they were in a quagmire.
Now Arsenal feel that they are in a quagmire again …
They can only speed up when they attack, but most of the time, football is at the foot of Lazio.
It is not easy to break the ball from Lazio’s feet because their players are very skilled in passing the ball back and forth.
Secondly, even if you break the ball, it is not easy to organize the attack again.
Lazio players will pounce on you at the first time, including players who have lost the ball.
This kind of grabbing in every corner of the stadium also makes Arsenal players very uncomfortable.
At the beginning, there were Bergkamp, Ljungberg, Pires and Henry in that Arsenal team, but they couldn’t do anything with this tactic of winning constantly.
Now Arsenal’s theoretical strength is much weaker than that of the original Arsenal, and now Lazio has grabbed a lot more than that of Valencia, and it is painful for Arsenal to play.
In the 35th minute, Fa Erkao finally scored an away goal for Lazio!
This is also his sixth goal in the Champions League this season!
"Look at this performance, look at him! Such a center is worth all the costs of the giants! " The Italian commentator shouted excitedly.
Since the Calciopoli scandal, everyone has said that Serie A has fallen. There are no big stars in Serie A..
But now Fa Erkao, a superstar who grew up from Serie A, has earned enough face for Italian football!
The Italian commentator did not care whether Fa Erkao was poached, so it was good for Lazio.
Changsheng is cheering for his players with open arms.
Wenger was not far from him, frowning and putting his hands in his pockets.
In recent years, this has always happened to Wenger.
In those days, the 49-game unbeaten king’s division can’t even find a shadow now … It’s really embarrassing.
Arsenal finally scored a goal, after all, this is their home stadium.
They equalized the score, but it was difficult to win.
The final score was 1: 1, Lazio scored an away goal in the away game, and there was also a draw.
Perfectly completed the tasks assigned to them by Changsheng.
With this draw and an away goal, Lazio returned to Rome contentedly. A week later, they will face Arsenal at the Olympic Stadium.
Lazio have a good chance of promotion.
Chapter one hundred and eighty-nine I said …
When Changsheng returned to Rome with Lazio, the latest news from Inter Milan was that Moratti agreed to Mancini’s request to leave the team at the end of the season.
Then Inter Milan will look for a new coach.
But they already have a ready-made candidate.
This man is Jose Mourinho, the Portuguese personality coach who has been at home since he resigned from Chelsea.
It is slightly different from the history that Changsheng knows.
In the time and space before winning, Mourinho was dismissed by Abramovich because he could not lead the team to make a breakthrough in the Champions League.
In this time and space, Mourinho has won the Champions League once, so his position in Chelsea is very stable, but he still left the team because he felt that he could not continue to cooperate with Abramovich. Two people with strong personalities and strong desire for control can’t coexist together.
In addition, after he led Chelsea to the Champions League, the team also entered a recession, so he chose to leave.
This saved his reputation and left a perfect image for Chelsea fans, so that Chelsea fans will continue to miss him after he left.
This is where Mourinho is smart.
Not long after Mourinho finished school from Chelsea, news came out that many clubs were looking for him. Inter Milan is among them.
However, Mourinho did not agree to any club’s request, and he continued to be idle at home.
Some people say that he almost went to Barcelona, but then there was a "CD door", which led to Mourinho’s complete hostility with Barcelona.
So Mourinho has been resting at home.
Now the coach of Inter Milan Mancini will leave at the end of the season. Who will be the new coach of Inter Milan?