Long Yun argued for silence for a while and agreed.

Han Xiumo looked at this scene "…"
It’s really hard not to feel anything about these two people now.
"The teacher elder sister eyes is what’s the problem? Let me help the teacher elder sister first. "
He didn’t see Luanxuan’s eye problem just now. Han Xiumo wanted to help Luanxuan treat it first.
Long Yun didn’t object to it.
Luanxuan didn’t refuse.
Long Yun is also very worried about Luan Xuan’s eye injury. Now there is a monk who calls himself a monk to help Luan Xuan examine him. Of course, he won’t refuse, let alone the other person or Luan Xuan’s stuff.
Although some people don’t want to believe it, judging from the attitude of Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo and some unusual places that occasionally appear in their bodies, reason tells him that what they said is probably true.
Luan Xuan was attracted to Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo when he met them, and he didn’t think they would cheat her.
She slowly untied her eyes and wrapped them in white cloth.
Without covering her eyes, it was completely displayed in front of Han Xiumo.
Chapter 484 Enter the shakotan coast
But whether Luan Xuan or Long Yun is not without discretion, Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo have said that naturally because they want to participate in the pure land.
Even when they forget their monks, their memories know that the secret realm is a good thing, and many monks can get natural talents and treasures in the secret realm.
Although ordinary monks seem to be separated by something, even ordinary people can know some words.
For example, most people know a thing or two about shakotan land and strong words.
It’s not true that I haven’t been in contact with the monks.
After all, even if some huge schools recruit younger brothers, most of them come from ordinary families.
They were silent for a moment and finally Luan Xuan said, "In this case, don’t worry about it first."
From Han Xiumo’s words, she has vaguely noticed that her eye disease is not easy to solve. It is possible for these two people who claim to be her younger brothers to restore their memories.
Luan Xuan is not in such a hurry to restore her memory.
She doesn’t think there is anything wrong with her life these years.
Even if you can’t recover your memory, it’s nothing.
Of course, it would be nice if I could really restore my memory.
In particular, Long Yun was not injured. If he regained his memory, he might still be able to continue to practice as an immortal.
Have a future, a future
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo all leng one.
Long Yun opened his mouth to say something, but finally he gave up.
They came to meet Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo by chance, and since the other party has something important, they are not easy to delay.
"Dear son, you’re right. Since you two have things to do, let’s get busy with the secret world first. After all, we’ve all lost our memory for so long and we’re not in a hurry to restore our memory."
A few days earlier and a few days later makes no difference.
What Long Yun also think subconsciously he doesn’t seem to want LuanXuan to restore memory.
But if there is a memory recovery, he won’t secretly stop it.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo saw that they all said that some nai.
Yun Mingyuan took out two fairy orders and handed them to Luan Xuan and Long Yun to argue that "this is the fairy order to contact us. When we come out of the secret land, Elder Sister Luan and Brother Long will be able to contact us."
Long Yun was surprised to see Yun Mingyuan take out Xian Yunling. "I seem to have seen this thing?"
He took a token out of his arms and it looked exactly like the fairy cloud that Yunmingyuan gave them.
But Yunmingyuan can still see that these fairy clouds are actually not the same.
Long Yun took out the immortal cloud order, which was made by the former immortal cloud Sect himself. It was also the time when the immortal cloud Sect soared to the moon world, and everyone brought a contact device.
However, since it is the token made by Xianyunzong, it is more or less necessary to know some aura to make Xianyunling.
But who would have thought that Luan Xuan and Long Yun had lost their memory? Even if their hands were intact, they wouldn’t be aura and couldn’t manipulate them.
Naturally, there is no way to play the fairy cloud.
Yun Mingyuan glanced at the piece of fairy cloud and found that it was really in good condition.
He sighed and handed his immortal cloud order to Luan Xuan and Long Jingtian. "Brother Long’s immortal cloud order was refined by the former immortal cloud Sect, which required a certain spiritual force to control, but brother and the world forgot all those things, and naturally there would be no more."
"I can make a fairy cloud without aura," said Yun Mingyuan, and demonstrated the fairy cloud method to Luan Xuan and Long Yunzheng by the way.
Yu Longyun grabbed the piece that belonged to Xianyun Zongxianyun and Yunmingyuan didn’t move.
Xian Yunling is still good, but he won’t help start at this time.
Xianyunzong’s refining technology of Xianyunling has always been improved. Maybe they can directly locate Luan Xuan by bringing the big world of the moon.
Now the situation is already very complicated. If the immortal Yunzong people are recruited again, it is estimated that Long Yun and Luan Xuanzhen will not be clean
Do you want that fairy cloud to make the alliance or wait for Luan Xuan and Long Yun to wake up?
In the end, Han Xiumo didn’t give Luan Xuan and Long Yunzheng treatment first because of the pure secret situation.
The situation of the two people is complicated, and the treatment takes a long time. If he doesn’t look at anyone, there is no guarantee what will happen.
It’s better to wait until you come back from the secret world.
Long Yun and Luan Xuan have no different opinions on this decision.
Two people warm | ignorance atmosphere is clearly visible YunMingYuan and Han Xiu ink also didn’t leave them looking at Long Yun for Luan Xuan left the inn can’t help but some sighs.
"I didn’t expect this to happen between Elder Martial Sister Luan Xuan and Long Yun."
"I don’t know what happened when they left the ascending passage."
Yunmingyuan has no regrets. He is not very concerned about the emotional situation of others.
Han Xiumo thought along Yunmingyuan’s question and found that he couldn’t figure out what happened in the soaring channel to make both of them become like this.
But he suddenly thought of a question, "Wait, the two of them lost their memory, and they won’t even disappear, will they? Did you feel that they repaired it just now?"
Yunmingyuan one leng shook his head.
Chapter 485 Map generation
They parted from Mu Qian.
But YunMingYuan and Han Xiumo didn’t separate, and they breathed a sigh of relief.