Before that, there were two leagues.

Although it is only two leagues, Changsheng still attaches great importance to it.
Games like Regina can’t be repeated.
Although he praised Reggina’s excellent performance, he also criticized his team in disguise.
Later, after returning to Vermelot, Changsheng warned the team not to be arrogant and underestimate the enemy. Otherwise, he had 108 ways to deal with them.
This game has really brought a huge impact to Lazio players.
They all thought they were going to be tied, but lucarelli’s own goal saved them at the last minute.
They don’t want to experience that feeling again after a narrow escape.
So they don’t have to be scolded by the head coach, they know what to do by themselves.
In the 29th round, Lazio beat Empoli 3-1 at home. In this game, the Lazio team performed very actively, entered the game quickly, and finally won easily.
In the same league, Inter Milan beat ascoli 2-1 away.
In the 30th league, Milan beat Parma 2-0 at home. Lazio beat Udinese 4-2 away in rotation.
Then, Lazio welcomed Bayern Munich at home.
In fact, the German team is the last thing they want to meet now.
Because the German team is a hard nut to crack. Especially the best among them, Bayern Munich.
With other teams, you may be able to play something extra-curricular, play smart, and Bayern Munich will only be able to play hard power, play hardball, and there is nothing fancy to play.
There is nothing to say about the game against Bayern Munich. Let’s stick to the tactics that we are best at and use, and then it depends on the play and luck of both sides.
In this game, Chang Sheng didn’t let his team play defensive counterattack at home, but insisted on his offensive tactics at home.
Bayern Munich didn’t play any defensive counterattack just because it was an away game against Lazio.
Hitzfeld insisted on Bayern Munich’s own offensive tactics.
As a result of both teams attacking, they played a hearty battle against each other.
The game was wonderful.
The commentator kept exclaiming: "Fun!" "Beautiful!"
Neutral fans are also excited.
Everyone says that the Champions League is the highest level of technical and tactical competition in today’s football, and this game finally proves that this statement is true.
Of course, everyone watched the excitement and shouted, but for the home team Lazio, this is not a good thing.
The final result is 2: 2.
Lazio drew a draw with Bayern Munich at home.
It’s just a draw.
It happened that Bayern Munich scored two away goals.
This is really fatal.
Don’t talk about it if you don’t win your opponent at home, and let your opponent take away two away goals that are priceless.
In the second leg, Lazio will face the disadvantages of away games and two away goals.
So after the game, the media said that Lazio had basically bid farewell to the Champions League this season.
They were better than Inter Milan and held out for one more round.
Changsheng did not admit defeat after the game: "The quarter-finals of the Champions League are two-turn, and we still have a chance to play."
However, his statement is naturally considered as a dead duck’s mouth shut.
If you want to advance, the difficulty is too great …
In the weekend league, in order to prepare for the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final in the middle of next week, Lazio all rotated and hid most of the main players.
Then Lazio drew 1-1 by messina at home.