"General Lu has something to say," Zhao Yun said, but there was no answer. It was quite troublesome to refuse to go out with horses in front.

"General Zhao must have seen that Jizhou is now under siege. You Zhou has sent troops of 120,000, Nanyang Jingzhou has more than 200,000 soldiers and I have an army of 150,000 in Bing, and Yangzhou has sent troops of 100,000. Yizhou Zhang Lu, Liu Yan and others are also preparing to arise. Even if Jizhou foot soldiers can recruit good soldiers, they can’t cope with so many enemies." Lyu3 bu4 doesn’t care about Zhao Yun’s dialogue in the array.
"Fan Xiwen dispatch troops attacked Luoyang, which was despised by the world. General Zhao was a hero at that time, but he shouldn’t continue to cast pearls before swine. Fan Xiwen supported the abolition of Taitai Liu Xie to reign. This is a rebellion. General Zhao is a loyal man and should join me in the crusade against thieves! My adoptive father said that the general would be willing to abandon the dark and vote for him. My adoptive father was willing to recommend General Zhao to heaven, and Hou also asked General Zhao to consider one. "I have to say that Lyu3 bu4′ s eloquence needs to be improved."
"The name Pingyang Cloud here does not need to be considered. Thank you for your good pleasure." Zhaoyun said such a confusing thing. Lyubnai took a look at Zhaoyun and wanted to say something, but in the end he didn’t export the words.
At the end of the "secretariat of adults will be today’s destiny guarding here many offended place also please adult atonement" zhaoyun will continue to mindless line in the end Ding Yuan face suddenly sank.
Chapter two hundred and twenty Pingyang ambush
"Knock, knock"
"Knock, knock, knock"
The rhythm and drums answered Ding Yuan’s doubts that teams of well-equipped foot soldiers appeared behind them, and the military flags were embroidered with the words "Jizhou Fourth Army". Ding Yuan’s heart was suddenly shocked and looked around. This is a complete legion establishment, which means that there are less 90,000 troops lurking here and nearly 100,000 troops in front of Pingyang, so a small place has married nearly 100,000 troops.
Ding Yuan wanted to command the troops to rush out, but Jizhou Army didn’t give him the chance. Jizhou Army had just appeared behind the Bing Army, and it had already formed a good array there. As soon as the Bing Army had a plan to retreat, it could even greet the horse with crossbows, which means that the Bing Army was surrounded by Jizhou Army. If you want to break out, it depends on Jizhou Army’s meaning.
"I said how could you withdraw so quickly? It turned out that it was already here waiting for the old man to drill. Fan Xiwen is really generous. Let the old man enter the bureau at the expense of clearing out half of Jizhou to do the battlefield." Ding Yuan looked at Zhao Yun with a grim face. "I’m really good at Ding Yuan. It’s really not normal to let Fan Xiwen dispatch nearly 100 thousand people and make room for half of Jizhou to deal with it."
A moment ago, Ding Yuan was full of pride and wanted to have Zhao Yun. Because of his 150,000 troops fighting Zhao Yun, more than 10,000 people bullied less, Ding Yuan firmly occupied the victory. But now, if Jizhou’s 100,000 troops bullied less, the Bing army would be defeated for 30 years. Hedong has not finished yet, and it is the turn of Hexi for 30 years.
"I’m sorry, Lord Ding. This is also the most painful thing to end the war at an early date. It will be the people. I am the Lord. The people are not suffering. I have to do this." Zhao Yun is a real person. How do you say Fan Xiwen? Zhao Yun repeated one side. Ding Yuan listened completely and lost his blood because in Zhao Yun’s mouth, he and Ding Yuan turned into a traitor who made the people suffer. You should know that he and Ding Yuan are devoted to the country and would end up with such a comment.
"Motherfucker, it’s bad luck to be planted here today, but you don’t want to be better than Fan Xiwen’s rebellious behavior. Sooner or later, people of insight will rise up and attack you with less pride." Ding Yuan’s usual accomplishment is quite good, but it’s a pity that Zhao Yun has messed up his mood here. What accomplishment has become a floating cloud, and he always says happily.
"Inheritance is not too or who? I don’t know how long your brains are. I’m so embarrassed to be an old man here. Do you want to show off your ignorance or lack of literacy? " Fan Feng some dissatisfaction jumped out from behind. Ding Yuan, a fat man, incredibly dared to lean on seniority. In his tone, he was a traitor to others, and it was uncomfortable for people to look at him.
"You’re Fan Feng, head of the Second Army Corps in Jizhou. It’s very poisonous to have a small mouth! I don’t know if my hand is high. Dare to compete with Feng Xian? " Ding Yuan was speechless by Japanese Fan Feng, but soon he dared to stimulate Fan Feng and Lu Bu’s one-on-one hit tone was full of disdain.
However, it seems that such a challenging method is not available to Fan Feng. These senior generals in Jizhou Army all start from the lowest soldiers, and this selection is not based on personal courage. Jizhou Army has always restricted the supreme commander from one-on-one combat. Fan Feng has a lot of experience or force value in the first batch of people, but Fan Feng and Lu Bu would rather hit a tree one-on-one.
"I’m sorry, I’ll never hit you one-on-one, but if you don’t mind, we can hit you one-on-one." Fan Feng said very aboveboard that tens of thousands of troops behind him are still very cooperative, and then the morale of a big drink actually rose a lot at this time. Ding Yuan is like seeing a ghost. This Jizhou army is really a freak.
"How dare you look at it like this?" Lyu3 bu4 has been a master book for two years, but now it’s not a temper problem. If the morale of Jizhou Army is like a macro, it will be defeated sooner or later. Lyu3 bu4 needs to find an opportunity to suppress the morale of Jizhou Army and appropriately raise the morale of the Bing Army. Then this opportunity is challenged.
Lyu3 bu4 waved a painting halberd and stood up and rushed to Jizhou army. He went to sit on a horse and felt his master’s anger and ran wildly, leaving a shadow only visible to the naked eye.
"The vertical shield crossbowman in the front row is ready for three shots. Once the enemy is in range, shoot immediately."
"The throwers are ready to attack the right side of the cavalry brigade at any time, and then respond. If necessary, they can attack from the right side and plan to cut the enemy."
Fan Feng didn’t seem to see the rush to Lu Bu. He was generally calm and ordered one order at a time.
In the front row, the foot soldiers erected shields, and then the spearmen put their spears in the gaps of the shields. The shield wall was colored a lot. Behind the shield wall, thousands of Jizhou troops took out crossbows and pointed them at the front and behind them. The friendly forces helped them put the crossbow boxes in a suitable place where they could easily replace them.
Zhaoyun didn’t say anything about Qinbing’s support and entering the array, and then Lyu3 bu4 rode to a round of arrows. He thought rudely that Lyu3 bu4 kept pouring out the great cause of Jizhou military, so he didn’t care about such things, which would be bitter Lyu3 bu4.
In fact, no matter how well-trained the steeds are, they will still be confused in the face of such a dense crossbow attack. Lyu3 bu4 sitting on the steeds is no exception. Many Jizhou troops have taken good care of one Lyu3 bu4 sitting on the steeds, and the horses have pursed their hoofs. Lyu3 bu4 quickly stabilized the mood of the steeds. Fortunately, Lyu3 bu4′ s equestrian skills are superb, otherwise it will suffer at the moment.
"Driving" Lu Bu’s face flashed a trace of democratic murder. This is the most embarrassing time since his debut. This is a shame. Lu Bu must get back the blood to wash it clean. So Lu Bu made a determined effort and continued to rush toward Jizhou Army. The bolt became denser and denser, but when he was close to the edge of the outbreak, Lu Bu Ji still chose to stab into the ground.
Seeing that Lyu3 bu4 is getting closer and closer to Jizhou Army, Jizhou Army’s crossbow offensive is becoming more and more dense, and Fan Feng also has plans to increase the number of crossbow troops. Lyu3 bu4′ s staring pressure is getting bigger and bigger, and the speed of progress is slowly slowing down.
"Bing Wolf Rides Charge" At this time, Lu Bu’s general Zhang Liao privately ordered Bing Wolf Rides to attack without Ding Yuan’s permission. Zhang Liao is a fellow countryman of Lu Bu and a brother with the same feelings. Seeing Lu Bu’s mess at this moment, he can’t care about anything.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-one Pingyang War
Zhang Liao is the deputy commander of Bingzhou Wolf Riding, Zhang Liao ordered Bingzhou Wolf to ride a horse and launched a charge. Tens of thousands of cavalry charged vigorously and earth-shatteringly, showing a destructive atmosphere. No matter who is in front of 50,000 cavalry, there will be an idea that it is insignificant.
No matter how good your martial arts are, you can be a good servant in front of the army. The army is ashamed of the war machine. As it is now, 50,000 fighters are running like this, and the breath is enough to make people tremble.
But it’s also a military confrontation, so this is pediatrics. Jizhou commanders and marines guard behind refusing horses, and the pike is held high. If Bingzhou wolves want to ride, they must go through refusing horses and refusing horses, and the pike will make several Bingzhou wolves ride into new guests in hell.
However, before this, Bing Wolf Ride was baptized by Jizhou Army’s two rounds of attacks. Fan Feng ordered thousands of throwing soldiers to throw javelins in their hands again. Although Bing Wolf Ride was huge, their team also fell several times in Bing Wolf Ride with the huge javelin, and Bing Wolf Ride was severely tied to the ground with the falling horse. At that time, the screams kept ringing and soon they became one.
There can’t be any mistakes in moving cavalry rapidly, so it is absolutely impossible to live without changing the direction. The horseshoe is trampled hard when it falls, and the foot soldiers can’t die any more. If a person suddenly falls in front, it will scare the horse running behind, and a chain accident will soon happen.
However, the Jizhou army can throw the javelin out of its hand regardless of the screams of the Bing Wolf riding, and then take a step back and then round the top of the ancient long-range strike force. It is estimated that the greatest innovation is this three-shot shooting method, because the three-shot shooting has realized the continuous shooting distance, and the Bing Wolf riding has not recovered from the first round of attack, and the second round of attack of the Jizhou army is coming. The time interval is negligible.
"Bing Wolf Cavalry Front is invincible" Zhang Liao’s deputy is riding a horse, which is quite few. Zhang Liao was lucky to avoid the first round of Jizhou Army’s attack. Looking at the situation behind him, Zhang Liao can grind his teeth and continue to charge. At this time, giving up halfway can make Bing Wolf ride the honor. Zhang Liao raised his hand and shouted the slogan "Kill" for Bing Wolf riding.
"Killing" Bing Wolf Riding was greatly encouraged, and followed the shouting that the speed surged again. The second javelin attack soon fell, which still caused a lot of chaos. However, when the chaos lasted less than a breath, it restored calm. From this, we can see how disciplined Bing Wolf Riding is, and at this time, 50,000 Bing Wolf Riding has passed half.
"Throwers adjust their targets, even crossbow troops cooperate to carry out the plan of being intercepted by the enemy. The cavalry brigade should pay attention to being ready to go out to carry out the plan of cutting the waist at any time." Fan Feng’s eyes cling to Lu Bu and finally keep reaching the order. Lu Bu’s reputation is out. It’s like an untimely bomb. You can’t easily let him leave your sight, otherwise it is very likely that you will be threatened by a bomb.
At this time, Lyu3 bu4 rushed to the wall of the shield after destroying the horse along the way, but it is obvious that this thing is not that it can break through Lyu3 bu4′ s attempt to use external force, but it was suppressed by the crossbow, while there was no one around Lyu3 bu4 who had rushed to the front of refusing the horse dozens of steps, but at the critical moment, the commanders and marines of Jizhou gave up most of the horse refusal and gathered in several places to see if Lyu3 bu4 didn’t want to work hard.
In fact, the duel between Zhao Yun and Lu Bu was an organized and premeditated battle. His purpose was not to destroy Lu Bu, but to consume his physical strength. Most of the attacks on Lu Bu in Zhao Yun’s place were huge, and then Fan Fenglai wanted to say something irritating to stimulate Lu Bu to play, but before Fan Feng finished speaking, Lu Bu could not wait to play, so this endless crossbow and shield became a good thing to consume Lu Bu’s physical strength.
"Lyu3 bu4 had better not show individualism in front of my Jizhou army, or you will die with a sense of rhythm." Fan Feng continued to stimulate Lyu3 bu4′ s great opportunity to seize Lyu3 bu4. Fan Feng was unwilling to give up.
If the former Lu Bu went to war or raised his own morale, then now Lu Bu is really angry. If he can’t attack Jizhou Army for a long time, Lu Bu has already lost his face. Now Fan Feng actually said something like this to stimulate Lu Bu to be completely angry. He waved his halberd and became more diligent. Lu Bu had an idea in his heart to kill Fan Feng to vent his anger.
"Fan Feng will make your mouth cheap today" Lyu3 bu4 suddenly said something that made Fan Feng quite angry. It seems that Lyu3 bu4 was also hit by a real fire, but then I saw that Lyu3 bu4 raised my hand with a recruit and a knife, and the shadow rushed towards Fan Feng. Fortunately, Lyu3 bu4 waved to Fan Feng with good strength, and then a strong breeze flew from Fan Feng’s head and suddenly there was a scream behind Fan Feng, where Qinbing was clutching his right eye and howling in pain.
Qinbing also has a short arrow in his right eye, which is made by Jizhou Army itself.
"Quick military doctor will carry him" Fan Feng is a little concerned. Lu Bu can’t look down upon it. This is the lesson.
"Throwers reduce the attack distance, even crossbow troops focus on taking care of Lyu3 bu4, and immediately form a dense barrage, which causes the biggest obstacle to Bing Wolf riding. Even if the raptors cross the river to our acre, they must give me a good dish and hurt him directly." Fan Feng issued an order while carefully guarding Lyu3 bu4, which is also the killer this time. If Lyu3 bu4 shot out, hidden weapons Fan Feng would have the money to have tea with the terrifying.
After Bingzhou Wolf rode into the range of crossbow attack, the speed suddenly decreased a lot. First, there were many horse refusals here. The horse was very dense, and it was easy to be rejected by an impulse. Second, even crossbow attack added many obstacles to the cavalry’s way forward, and this obstacle will become more and more difficult with time. If you are not careful, you will fall and be trampled to death.
The Jizhou army refused to let the main horses be everywhere in front of the horses, and the cavalry behind them were constantly killed here, leaving the earth riddled with crossbows.
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Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Confrontation
In order to completely remove the threat from Bing and Youzhou, the Jizhou General Staff has distributed all the crossbows to the blood bank, and each legion has hundreds of thousands of crossbows enough for them to squander.
During the period from Lyu3 bu4′ s horse going out to Fan Feng’s cruel hand on Lyu3 bu4, Jizhou Army shot more than 2,000 crossbows. Those crossbows that didn’t complete their mission were severely fixed on the earth. As a result, it was natural to travel a landscape, and almost made Bing Wolf ride a horse and lift his hoof, and there was no place to stand.
"Report commander cavalry brigade requested to fight" Fan Feng calmly looked at Lyu3 bu4, who picked the tango next to the dense bolt, and suddenly reported, "Command cavalry brigade to pretend to want to attack the rear of Bing Wolf riding, and make the Fourth Legion order them to enter the state of war. Once the attack horn blows, they will immediately hit the rear of Bing Army and strive for every achievement." Fan Feng dispatched well and ordered the general to behave in an orderly way. It seems that the exercise in recent years has made him mature a lot.
Placing the cavalry brigade on the right side of Bingzhou Wolf Ride has one advantage, that is, Bingzhou Wolf Ride is much weaker than the right side. This was seen by Fan Feng before, and Fan Feng will put the cavalry brigade on the right side. The strategy pursued by the cavalry brigade is to first transform into archers to harass and attack the enemy far away, and then engage in hand-to-hand combat when the enemy approaches. If it is hard, they will retreat unceremoniously and then fly kites.
The cavalry brigade heard that three thousand fighters rumbled to the rear of the Bing Wolf, and the momentum was no less than that of the Bing Wolf riding three thousand fighters, which caused a sensation and even deliberately controlled the speed rhythm at the same speed, which was even more unusual.
This trend is enough to arouse everyone’s idea. Zhang Liao and Lyu3 bu4 took a glance back and looked at the three thousand rushing to the rear of Bing Wolf Riding. Jizhou Cavalry couldn’t help but shake the rope. Once the attack is on the rear of Bing Wolf Riding, there will be three thousand elite cavalry, and the consequences will be one, that is, heavy losses
"Zhang Liao, your horse will return to the rear to command here." The powerful attacker Lu Bu suddenly flatters Zhang Liao and says to Zhang Liao that Zhang Liao also knows that the troops led by him must be worse than those led by Lu Bu. In such an attack, there is a martial arts expert who can cheer up the morale. After Lu Bu leads the Bing wolf to ride, it is a fierce and fearless iron army because Lu Bu is the god of war.
After the two men negotiated, Zhang Liao’s longitudinal horse was ready to go back to the rear, and he was impatient and was shot in the shoulder by an arrow in the back. But Zhang Liao was also a real warrior, and he just looked at his shoulders and shook his arrows and rushed to the rear. Bing Wolf rode and watched Lu Bu take over Zhang Liao’s command, and the horse was as excited as playing chicken blood. It was their dream to fight with the God of War.
"Bing Wolf rides invincible" Lyu3 bu4 raised his hand to draw a halberd and shouted, "Chop a halberd and smash a road to refuse a horse."
"Invincible" followers rushed in front like a cloud, and Bing Wolf rode a knife to the road and refused to horse. In fact, Bing Wolf rode to the front of the horse-refusing array, and now he came into contact with the horse-refusing array.
At this time, the soldiers and soldiers of Jizhou commanders who are guarding against the horse array are gathering into a ball, and they are slowly returning to the back of the shield wall. The founder has made Lu Bu have a little language for a long time, but he turned out to scare the human beings. I knew that I should have chased these spearmen and killed them for a while, but I have already made Fan Feng pay the blood price, but it is too late to say anything now.
Lyu3 bu4 took Bing Wolf riding and stared at his head. He kept shooting crossbows and crossed a large number of horse-refusing arrays and once again came to the wall of Jizhou military shield. However, Lyu3 bu4 felt a little tired. Even if his martial arts were high, Lyu3 bu4 was also an ordinary person who needed to eat. Even if he was abnormal, there was always a limit. Fan Feng deliberately calculated that Lyu3 bu4′ s physical strength was close to the red line.
Lyu3 bu4, the main commander of Bing Wolf Ride, has an absolute influence on the morale of the army. Lyu3 bu4 must grit his teeth and go to Bing Wolf Ride and install a shield wall, just like the waves in the sea hitting the beach, more like moths throwing fire. There are many shining spots in the shield wall. That’s the gun tip of Jizhou commander’s gun, with a little blood in it. That’s Bing Wolf Ride and Stay.
Bing Wolf rode a hard impact on the shield wall, and then a batch of Bing Wolf rode it. It felt like suicide. After about two rounds of impact, the first shield wall covered each other. Looking at Lu Bu, he was dizzy. Fortunately, Lu Bu reacted quickly and shot it down with a halberd. Otherwise, Lu Bu would have fallen because the Jizhou army shot Lu Bu’s horse head.
Just when Lu Bu took the men to attack the shield wall, the Jizhou Army cavalry brigade was close to the rear of the Bing Wolf. Zhang Liao also organized the rear army to fight back. It is a pity that Jizhou Army actually took the kite flying tactic and hung Zhang Liao far away. Once Zhang Liao approached, he flattered him and then turned around and gave Zhang Liao a hard shot. The crossbow was in his hand.
The cavalry brigade came to pretend that it didn’t need to fight with the Bing Wolf Rider, but since people took the initiative to send the door, the cavalry brigade thought that it would be a spirit of "no waves" to accept it.
If a word comes to the current situation of Bing Wolf riding, it will be a mess. The front line attack is frustrated, and the rear is also in danger of disturbance, which makes Ding Yuan angry and wants to issue an order for Bing Army to March. This word was swallowed before it reached the mouth because Jizhou Army moved behind.
"clang" a steel shield hit the ground, which belongs to the most advanced production in Jizhou. The first physical appearance was arranged in a straight line, and then the Fourth Army Corps of Jizhou Army moved slowly with the shield. Although the movement was slow, it was very rhythmic, which made people feel as if they were watching a carefully designed drama.